Coach, Writer, Presenter and Exercise Geek.

If information alone was enough we would all be millionaires and walk around with 6 packs. With an abundance of information at hand we can all be overwhelmed at times and unsure of the best way forward. My great passion is simplifying the complexities of health, exercise and movement and delivering them in an easily digestible way to give you the best opportunity to achieve your goals. 

I appreciate that no one single approach is suitable for everyone, however the application of proven principles is a key component of helping you progress safely and efficiently towards your end result. With over 30 years of training myself and more than 15 years of training others, I understand the acute variables that can be manipulated in an individuals training world based on their training and injury history, age, and their ability to handle the stressors of exercise and life.

An avid lover of all things exercise related I can also regularly be found with my head deep in a book, or quite possibly spending time with family and friends, over great food, a fantastic glass of vino, attempting to experience life to the fullest. I have reached expert level in Godfather status (I have 5 God children, so some would say I am trustworthy!) and try and find them all the best sneakers I can.

As the National Fitness Manager at Fitness First Australia, I have been exposed to a business that has grown from being an infant learning to walk, to a toddler learning not too put their hands in the fire, to a teenager searching for their path and finally an adult clear on their strategic life objectives. 

I have contributed to numerous health and fitness articles across a wide range of publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Mens Fitness, Fitness Pro Magazine and Australians Women’s Health. I have presented at a number of conferences locally such as the Filex Fitness Convention and as a keynote speaker at the National Sports Convention, and also abroad at the IHRSA International Convention and the CanFit World Fitness Expo.