June 28th-July 1st, 2018: It was a privilege to attend and present three sessions at the IDEA World Convention, landing at a convention for the first time is always a fantastic experience as you get to meet people from around the globe and hopefully have a small impact on their journey as a fitness professional. I also had the opportunity to meet the team for IDEA China and will be presenting at this convention in August which will be a great experience. 

There was a full house in Advanced and Progressive Mechanics of Lifting and Hypertrophy Training! 

There was a full house in Advanced and Progressive Mechanics of Lifting and Hypertrophy Training! 

May 22nd, 2018: Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast I just recorded with Josh Kennedy from www.strengthmatters.com. Josh, James Breese and Phil McDougall preach a very inclusive approach to health and fitness and I have had the pleasure of attending some education sessions with this team and they are an outstanding bunch. 

April 20th-22nd, 2018: Fitness Christmas has come and gone for another year as another busy Filex weekend comes to a close. Good friend, Mike Battaglia and I delivered a session on lifting mechanics and I followed this up with a solo session on some advanced programming techniques late on Sunday afternoon. In between I had the pleasure of being involved in a panel discussion regarding recruiting and retaining staff. The session was chaired by the lovely Georgia Van Tiel (far left) and included some amazing colleagues and friends, from left to right; Tony De Leede, Kate Kendall, yours truly, Luke Istomin and Mandy Kopcho. 

I try and talk without using hand gestures, however, resistance is futile!

I try and talk without using hand gestures, however, resistance is futile!


January 11th, 2018: As well intentioned as our New Years fitness resolutions are, unfortunately without a compelling reason to commit to change many will be left as distant memories. For more information check out my contribution here; 


December 17th, 2017: A regularly asked question in fitness is, what is the best time to work out? I dive into this with Sam from nine.com.au as we try and cut through some of the common misconceptions; 


November 17th , 2017: Word is out regarding our global launch with Apple. It was a great few days working with the local and international team to ensure the GymKit launch was a success; 





November 15th, 2017: This is a HUGE day for Fitness First as we will be officially launching our relationship with Apple. Apple, of course, needs no introduction, however, what you may not be aware of is a new product they have developed called GymKit which seamlessly links the Apple ecosystem with exercise equipment. In a world first, this product will be launching with Fitness First Australia and today will be the culmination of months of work to bring together this partnership 

November 9th, 2017: Very grateful to be invited to present at IDEA World Fitness Convention in June, 2018 http://www.ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/idea-world-fitness-convention. Will be the first time I have presented at IDEA, and always love having the opportunity to head to North America to hopefully share some knowledge bombs.  

November 1st, 2017: Today we will be launching to media the Fitness First 24 hour offering, this means a very early start for a group of media to hang out with me at Fitness First Shelley St in Sydney's CBD. Our workout will be kicking off at 5am and we will be discussing the pros and cons of training in odd hours and how to maximise your workouts based on when you train. 

October 26th, 2017: Mick Cunico, Fitness First Australia's National Fitness Manager, talks training trends, the return to ‘traditional’ free weights workouts, and building a base of strength, with Network’s Ryan Hogan. Listen to podcast here


September 20th, 2017: Received confirmation I will be presenting at IHRSA in San Diego in March 2018, this will be the second time I have presented at IHRSA and both times the convention has been based in San Diego. My session will be focusing on how fitness products are the driving force behind growing your membership base. The IHRSA conference is different to Filex or CanFit as the people attending are generally club owners or operators as opposed to Personal Trainers. 

August 19th-20th, 2017: Just presented at CanFit World Fitness Expo on all things strength training, all up was in front of 170 trainers across my 2 sessions and shared some of the secrets of old Russian Weight Lifters, The Westside Conjugete Method and some of my favourite insights from Charles Poliquin. Additionally, I added my own insights based on strength training for the best part of 25 years and training others for the last 15.  

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